11 Year-Old Champion performs Kata Passai Sho



Chen Taiji performed a 12-year old student of the late Grandmaster Ma Hong



Kungfu Quest – Wingchun Challenge with English Subtitle

Follow Vinz, a karate practitioner, on his journey to HK to learn one of the oldest and most effective martial arts styles in the world : Wing Chun. At the end of the show, he will have to challenge a fierce wingchun master to complete his mission.


Pushing Hands in a MMA Miami seminar

Taichi vs MMAI have mentioned quite often about Taiji Pushing Hands technique, such as in Pushing Hand in Chen Taichi. But what is the practical use of Pushing Hands beside pushing hands with some old and respectable master ?

Well, first it trains your legs (lower body) to be physically strong and grounded. The movements soon develop into Rooting Technique just like in Wing Chun stance where energy in your Dantien sink down and become more connected to the Earth Yin Qi. Second it helps you to understand how and when to borrow, redirect, reflect and amplify the opponent’s energy that comes to you. (more…)


Isao Machii Cuts BB Gun Pellet at Incredible Speed

Isao Machii of Japan is a real-life modern-day samurai who started honing his unbelievable sword skills when he was a child. Hee was taught by an old master from the age of 5 and has now graduated to become the headmaster of a samurai school.

Isao Machii’s sword skills have become so accurate that he claims he can slice a tiny pellet in half when shot at him from a BB gun. All of this action happens at such an incredible speed that it is almost impossible for the human eye to register. In order to capture this amazing feat on screen, Daniel uses one of the world’s most sophisticated high-speed cameras for slow-motion analysis.


Feng Shui of the Bedroom – Part II

Feng Shui is about your environment where you live and how to find a place that is good for your energy. If your energy is good and strong, then your life will be good and your future as well.

image courtesy of raleighlandscape

image courtesy of raleighlandscape

There are two points that you need to consider.

One part is all the objects you can see and these can be things like mountains, rivers etc., even small things, like tables, doors, bed etc.

It also includes things you cannot see which is related to how the energy radiates in nature, e.g. magnetic fields, stars, the energy from the sun and moon, the time of day, the month and the year.

This energy affects us all so much.

If you want to learn anything, it takes some time to study. Something that seems quite small can have an important effect on your life, like your bed, you need to learn how to make it right for your energy.

This is important, as your bed is a part of your life. (more…)

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